6 Reasons Why Being a Freelance Writer Rocks.

Humming and ha-ing about remote or contract copywriting? Here’s why you won’t regret jumping in.

1   The vainest, silliest reason is that it’s great being able to tell people you’re a freelance copywriter. Not only does freelance anything sound pretty badass, but when you’re a writer you get instant credit for being interesting. No-one has to know that all you’re doing is blogging about cement density for a construction company.

2  You get to choose who you work for. Now, arguably the fact that you’ve got nothing for tea except a seven-year-old can of soup might force your hand, but you definitely have more options than when you’re working for the man.

You can work from home. This one speaks for itself. You can do most of your work in Matt Biddulph working from home with his cat helper by Matt Biddulph (from Flickr)your PJs with your baby on your knee. It’s a double edged sword, admittedly, because sometimes playing with children and housework can be more appealing than wrestling with yet another re-write. Nevertheless, it’s you who gets to choose what’s most important.

On Skype, no-one can smell your pits, so you don’t even have to shower before you take that all important conference call if you, know, hygiene’s not your thing.

5  You don’t have to go in blind. Nervous about approaching potential clients with a limited portfolio? Develop your skillset by doing a little work for free. Plenty of bloggers want contributors, but they can’t always afford them. Some scouting about will get you a gig with a flavour of what it’s like working to someone else’s brief and timescales.

6  You can go at your own pace. When you’re ready for the big time, freelancing websites show which jobs are entry level, and which are advanced. You can choose to play to your strengths, and unlike conventional jobs, avoid tasks which you know you aren’t ready for.

Have you got your own reason for loving the freelance lifestyle? Get in touch in the comments. I’d love to hear from you.

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