What’s it like being a Copywriter? Surprising, mainly.

The life of a copywriter is full of surprises

Copywriting isn’t as fun as your own personal projects. It can be frustrating, repetitive and just plain hard work. This is part of most jobs. That’s not to say that your freelancing adventure won’t have some unexpected twists.

My first surprise as a freelance writer was that jobs aren’t that hard to find. I thought that the market would have been absolutely saturated and I would be waiting months to get my first gig. This just wasn’t the case. I might not be raking it in, but it isn’t for lack of business. As the internet becomes a larger and larger part of life, more and more businesses want web content written. If you’re reliable, well organised and know how to spell, you’ve got a good chance of getting regular jobs.

Something else that I didn’t expect was that people aren’t awful. I’ve been fortunate to work with some very nice people. I’ve had some demanding clients, but none have been rude. Absolutely no-one so far has tried to stitch me up. I expected to get my ass handed to me at first, but funnily enough that didn’t happen. People were reasonable, friendly and honest. It kind of restored my faith in humanity.Hedge Trimming

Some of the work clients ask for is bizarre, too. I generally work through freelancing websites. As you might expect, these cater for web designers, writers, book keepers and the like. Some sites also have categories for other things  like hedge trimming and wanting to be driven places. Why you would post a task like this on a freelancing site, I have no idea. I feel like we have Yellow Pages for this.

On the subject of weird work, my favourite gig not taken was from someone who wanted erotica written. Erotica on the internet isn’t anything new: giant Nazi pregnancy BDSM porn, however, isn’t your run of the mill smut. The job came with a hefty pay check and I’m sure it would have been interesting. I’m pretty sure the client wanted material created for their own personal use, though and I just don’t feel like that’s something I need to do, not even for $500.

I wasn’t sure whether being a freelance writer would work out for me. I have many other demands on my time and I thought that I might end up regretting it. In the end, my biggest shock has been that I didn’t. I only wish I’d started sooner.

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