The Return of the Mac

Fountain pen for writing from pixabay

Yeah… So I’ve been kind of busy. Don’t worry, I’ve not fallen into a deep dark Pinterest hole, or at least not one that I can’t minimise the window for. I’ve been working. But you can’t write about babies, bumps and bunting forever.

I am very lucky. My experience as a freelance copywriter has been overwhelmingly positive. I’ve met some absolutely awesome people along the way. First, I met Angela, who runs She was my first content writing gig, and I did it for the princely sum of naff all. It was completely worth it though, because I was introduced to the formidable Ange and got my first taste of writing for another person.

I then did some work for a media company in San Francisco. Here I met two boys on the other side of the planet near enough, who were lovely, creatively astute and not afraid to ask for changes in order to get what they needed.

After this, I went for a job blogging about baby socks for a lovely entrepreneuse. Beth Dioli (also based in SF) is definitely going somewhere with her socks; designed by a mom to stay on. Simultaneously  I picked up some gigs with a content marketing company and I’ve been working on a project for the unstoppable Eila Ngetha Schneider. Eila speaks at least four languages and is a constant fount of creative energy.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m also a mum, a student and a landlord. As my workload picked up, my time with my husband and for myself dwindled. Gradually it became clear that this level of output was not sustainable. With a heavy heart, I’m stopping writing for Beth at the Cheski Sock Company.

This should mean I’ll have time to write this blog, my own projects and pick up some more diverse jobs. If he plays his cards right I may even spend time with my husband Shawn, too.

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