Androids and A-Holes.

Here’s a snippet of a bit of fun with Penn and Carmichael…

INT. EVENING. BUSY, EXPENSIVE RESTAURANT: Penn and Carmichael are at a table for two eating carpaccio as servers glide by.

PENN: It’s very good.

CARMICHAEL: What are you talking about? This is rancid! (snaps his fingers at a passing WAITER impatiently).

Carmichael frowns as Penn looks nervously on. The MAITRE DE appears, muttering obsequiously. Carmichael glances at a menu.

CARMICHAEL: We’ll have the pork. And this time don’t fuck it up.

MAITRE DE: Right away, sir.

CARMICHAEL (OVER MAITRE DE): That alright? Of course it is. (REMEMBERING)

PENN: Thank you.

CARMICHAEL: What for? Oh. (OF THE DINNER) Yes, well. It’s fine. Jesus Christ! How long does it take to cook a bloody starter?

PENN: I think it varies. (INNOCENTLY)

(The pork arrives.)

CARMICHAEL: How you’ve survived is a total mystery to me, it really is…

Penn looks embarrassed, waits for Carmichael to start eating then follows suit.

PENN: It’s very good… quite good. (OBSERVING CARMICHAEL’S REACTION)

Carmichael sighs and drinking his wine, spots [SYLVIA] walking in their general direction.

CARMICHAEL: Keep very still.

Penn freezes.

CARMICHAEL: She hasn’t seen us yet.

PENN: Who?

CARMICHAEL: The bitch from the gallery.

Penn stands up, crashing into the table. (S)he charges for the door. Chaos ensues. Carmichael finishes his drink.



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