More Than Just Reading Aloud, Apparently…

I like to think I’m a writer, and yet there’s huge gaps where I’ve very little experience. Dramatic writing for stage or screen is one of them, though I’ve often thought about venturing into this area.

When my husband and nemesis pointed out this free online scriptwriting course I thought I’d give it a whirl. It’s actually been excellent. Not only has the two weeks’ worth of content been highly informative, but it’s been a brilliant way to make contact with other writers, some of whom are very accomplished. If you are a writer of any kind I highly recommend this course or something similar.

The course covers the basics of writing for the screen, many aspects of which translate well into other forms. For me the examination of story structure was particularly enlightening, as it caused me to look at my novel and the way I created it. It is such a large collection of ideas and thought, I had agonised over how I could describe it to anyone, let alone pitch it, though I was confident that the crux of the thing was in there somewhere. I was right, and the tutorials on ‘Five Finger Pitches’ reminded me of all that I had tried to build (hence today’s other post). All in all, it’s been an immensely eye-opening experience.




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